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All business owners and CEO’s are in the business of dreams. We bring our ideas to life, it’s what we do. We implement and execute our “strategic plan” (I believe this is the fancy title). Basically we put our money where our mouth is and risk everything for it. All dreams have a price - right or wrong, good choice or bad, success or failure. But a business or business owner without a dream is empty, even if it and you still functions.

What’s Your Dream Size?

Not all dreams or dreamers - oops sorry, I mean owners or CEO’s have big dreams or goals. Size doesn’t matter here. Sometimes we put pressure on ourselves and our business to dream big, assuming that only big matters. Minor adjustments often result in enormous change or success.

The size of your dream or goal is irrelevant; it’s what you do with it that makes it significant.

Many of us have regular businesses that don’t produce anything unique, myself included. I serve coffee, I didn’t invent it and I am one of 500 other operators within a 30 minute radius. I have dreams for my business and I fight hard to make them a reality. Everyday.

Dream Destroyers

One of the few advantages of age is history and wisdom. I have been in business long enough to know that anything is possible, including and especially my dreams. Most of us have dreams for our business that we feel exceed our capabilities and our budget, and here is the line we need to cross, here is where your dream can be destroyed.

Don’t assume to measure your capabilities in the cold light of day. I know I’m short, but in my dreams I’m tall. So tall it is. Your goals can sometimes look very wrong on paper and they can even sound ridiculous out loud to others, but I bet in your dreams they weren’t written on paper and you weren’t asking permission. So don’t eliminate them before you even start to breathe life into them.

Price Of Dreams

They say that for every action there is a reaction and dreams are no different. You have a dream, you make it a goal, you plan and then do. Along this journey is a toll booth, of course. No such thing as a free lunch even for me, the café owner! I acknowledge that in order for me to make a dream reality it will most likely result in a personal cost - financial costs are a given. Personal costs don’t show up on a balance sheet or as P&L. The personal side is a risk that can expose you and your ideas. It’s not for the faint hearted.

Sweet Dreams

I don’t believe you can plan to dream, it doesn’t really work like that. But fear can block you from dreaming. A business dream doesn’t cost a thing in its fantasy state; I call this the “wonder” stage.

You can marvel, speculate and amaze yourself with really wonderful dreams. You can inspire and awe your team with your goals. You can do anything you want. Ask yourself right here, right now; what is your dream for your business? Come on, share. We may have the same dream.

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