You And Your Values in Business was first published on The Leadership Magazine

Is it easy to answer these questions quickly?

-       What are your business values?

-       Do they reflect your personal views or are they strictly business?

-       Do you know your value?

I constantly look at all parts of my business, virtually daily. Like many other business owners I never like standing still. But understanding the values of your business and your personal value to and from your business isn’t always straightforward. It’s not something you can touch or push or poke. It’s something you learn, develop and evolve into. And sometimes, if you are lucky, those around you will help point out the obvious.

I started very young in business, almost 3 decades ago, and I cringe when I remember both my leadership style and my business values. I would like to believe that my intentions were good, but the end did not justify the means.

It is true you learn through your mistakes, but it’s not always necessary to face disaster for a lesson to have meaning. Sometimes asking or listening to others in and around your business can assist in keeping some challenges at bay.

Take a nice long look at your business values - how do your customers and your staff see your business? This will indicate whether your values are adopted and supported or if in fact they live in your fantasy. Don’t laugh people - business fantasy land is a real place.

I also believe that if they don’t care about each other then I stand no chance of them operating as a team let alone provide amazing customer service.

You will need to observe behaviours and attitude - it’s the way people respond to your business that will give you the indicators. For example, one of our values in my business is to be nice to each other. Sounds simple? Sounds easy? You would be surprised. Helping out a colleague when there is nothing in it for them is a difficult culture to establish. It requires selfless acts. It requires commitment. I believe that for my team to provide amazing customer service they need to care. I also believe that if they don’t care about each other then I stand no chance of them operating as a team let alone provide amazing customer service. I know I’m right when I hear them talk to each other and use the “we” word.

Your value is a whole other world. That requires honesty and openness to your business and yourself. This is where you need to acknowledge your contribution: good, bad, ugly, bountiful or lacking. Don’t hold back. This can be an opportunity for you and your business to grow. And it’s not wrong to be bad or lacking. This isn’t about judging yourself or your business. Business values and personal values will change along with the environment and experiences that occur. While I cringe over my early years, they were right for then. Just because we do things different now doesn’t make them better.

Business values are needed for the spirit of your business to shine through. Personal business values are also needed for your spirit to shine through in business. It’s the ultimate POD - point of difference. To acknowledge that you or your business performs or provides something amazing is not about ego, it’s about sharing and striving for more.

Good influences great, great becomes amazing. Lets be amazing. It’s good for business.

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