As a business owner of more than a couple of decades, I believe I have run the gamut of business emotions.  I have had days where I have questioned my sanity, the sanity of those around me and doubted my business.

I have had days where a baseball bat and a shotgun looked like really good solutions. And then there are the days where you really wish you could disappear.

Why are there days like that? In my expert award winning business opinion as an owner of some 26 years; there just are. There are the moments of stupendous lows that are almost too bad to be real, yet they are. And yet we recover, move on or sleep on it. Where we think, reassess and even see the silver lining on the big fat black cloud that somehow completely pissed all over you. Sorry about the language.

Your business is like any other relationship in your life, except bigger. It’s another spouse, another mouth to feed and another “person” who has feelings to be considered. Does it sound strange to hear me speak of a business as if it’s a person? It is a bit, I know. I don’t go around telling everyone this. Just a few of my nearest and dearest. Your business has a mind and spirit of its own. I truly believe this. Small business owners often describe their involvement in business as giving their “heart & soul” to it. You can’t do that without understanding that you have created and channelled some spirit. Still sounding strange? Think of the joy, the pain, the anger, the rewards, the success. Think of how proud you were when you printed your first business card, signed off on your first client, took your first profit drawings….do you remember how you felt? We have connections with our business because of our input, the growth, the nurturing, the commitment.

So this brings me to the title: Are You Friends With Your Business? You should be. Why? Because you need each other. You need your business to be everything you dreamed it to be, to fulfil your expectations, even maybe exceed them. And your business needs you, for the obvious and some not so obvious reasons. Some may protest about the business being so much a part of your life, where is your balance? The balance is in the imbalance. The friendship is in the perfect harmony of you working with your business. I really believe this. I design and run my businesses around this, this friendship I am telling you about. Sometimes when I am struggling with a decision about my business, I wait until the business shows me the right way. It will you know. Your business, if you are friends with it, if you don’t have an adversarial relationship or see it as a master/servant situation, your business will like any good friend help you. If you are friends with your business you will see and hear things that others miss; other team members and other business owners. You don’t have to adore each other, but you do have to like each other. You don’t have to whisper sweet nothings, but you do have to be respectful and attentive. My business and I are good friends. Most of the time :)

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