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Strangers and business was first published on Women in Focus

Women in Focus is a recently launched website and initiative by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  It is a place for women to be inspired, informed and connected with other women in business in Australia and around the world.  Angela Vithoulkas, CEO of VIVO Cafe Group, will be the Guru on the Business Beat section and will be providing weekly articles on all things small business.

Going through airports is a fascinating business journey for me the employer, for me the waitress and of course the traveller. 

As a traveller - and I’m mostly day trips - I empathise with customers at my café who lug around bags, have a lot of down and in-between time, need to plan meals and want somewhere quiet. As an employer I like to observe how other teams operate together in stressful and busy situations like peak time at the airport. As a waitress I just want to really scrutinize, look and compare the way people behave in various food and beverage places. 

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